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Shri Rajeev Shukla, former Union Minister addressed media at AICC Hdqrs, today.

Through everything which I want to bring in your notice, is that there are lot many complaints pouring from all parts of the country, nook & corner of the country about the movement of EVM machines through trucks, through people, through police, so, basically people are very suspicious about them. The Election process in India should be above any kind of suspicion or doubt. That should be ensured by the Election Commission of India. I would urge the Election Commission to take immediate steps by removing this kind of suspicion and they should come out with statement clarifying the situation even if those were the reserve machines, the movement should take place with the knowledge of the candidates, their representatives and political parties. What is the harm in it? Just show it to them and the security of the strong rooms should also be ensured because day after is the counting day. So, all these steps should be taken, this is what I want to urge to the Election Commission. The high level delegation of different opposition political parties will also call on the Election Commission, today, this afternoon and this issue will be taken up.

On a question related to Exit polls, Shri Shukla said- Earlier, I have also said that Exit polls are entertainment, so, we don’t entertain them. Let them come up. But, you know the real result is going to come on 23rd May, 2019. We should only react about it after the real result is there. So, now lot many jokes are also doing the rounds about Exit polls. So, Exit polls, we are not taking that seriously. It is the job of the channels and agencies to run Exit polls. So, they are doing their jobs, we have not got any problem with that, but, the same time, we don’t pay much attention to it. The results are going to be altogether different from what is being shown in Exit polls.

If it doesn’t’ get tally with VVPAT, the actual result on those five booths than what step Election Commission will be taking? That is not clear in their guidelines. So, that should be made clear after that what step are you going to take? We will raise the issue and seek further action in this regard.


(Vineet Punia)


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