My Press Briefing in AICC – 29-January-2019




Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP and Sr. Spokesperson AICC addressed the media At AICC Hdqrs. today.

Because we find that the Modi Government is providing repeatedly escape clauses for inaction and non-action, providing flimsy and sad excuses for inaction whenever they want to protect their “collaborators in violating the constitution”. One of them is the CVC, the government selectively and discriminatorily expresses helplessness in taking action and I want to share an example of that because unfortunately in this particular example the CVC has become, not only so well called earlier from this podium a collaborator with the government for violating the constitution (CVC), but now again CVC which is a “colossal veil to cover corruption”.

There is a very detailed complaint of over 1,000 pages by one IFS Officer Shri Sanjeev Chaturvedi. He has attached 1,000 pages of documents, detailed complaint more than 1.5to 2 years ago, listing with great detail the attempt to stall, cover up, not allow to proceed a Rs. 7,000 crore allegation of corruption relating to infrastructural work. This written complaint submitted by him in 2017 (roughly in July 2017) and thereafter he has given regular reminders in August 2017, in January 2018. He has written later in the 2018, he has sent to DoPT, to the PM, the President saying that the CVC Shri Choudhary acted so as to not act and protect further action in this Rs. 7,000 crore infrastructural corruption scam.

Now that is on the merits, we are not concerned with that. The question I am asking is, that on this complaint you should take action against CVC for not taking action despite proof in this scam. On this the Government does what? no wonder, you scratch my back, I scratch your back. So, the Government sleeps, does nothing. July 2017 onwards is complaint that you are not taking action, you are blocking legitimate complaints, you are not looking into it, the CVC as you know is the mega policemen, the watchdog on corruption and if this Rs. 7,000 crore allegation does not lead to enquiry by CVC, where does the complainant go? So, the Government instead of acting on Mr. Chaturvedi’s complaint, takes absolutely no action. 6 months passes, a year passes, almost 1.5+ year pass and now they come up with this remarkable defence after almost 2 years or under two years that we have not yet framed guidelines and no guidelines exist which permit us to take action against the CVC. This is the official explanation, delightful explanation by the Government of India published by all of you a day ago, a couple of days ago.

Dr. Singhvi further said I think this is a long yet another very clear example of how this Government has demeaned, devalued and weakened every Institution. That list is rising every day. One day it is the CBI, one day it is the CVC, one day it is the CBDT. Just yesterday my colleague has told you, he has told you how a remarkable order is passed; I wish all of you could have that benefit- I really wish I do not think any of you or anybody I know, against whom this government is proceeding has done this. I am repeating of course, but it is a very small repetition.

A man who happens to be the brother-in-law of a powerful CBDT Chairman. The CM of our biggest State in India writes have a SIT, the SIT is under proceedings, it is written a SIT must sit. Within one week of this order, suppose I put SIT against you, can you ever imagine one week after an order is passed, please maintain status-quo on that SIT? It is passed because of brother- in-law? Is it passed because these are powerful people who are blue-eyed boys and favourites of the Modi Government? According to Modi Government all wrong in this country is done by the opposition leaders and opposition parties. जहाँ तक भाजपा के कार्यकर्ताओं का सवाल है, या सरकार के जो गलत काम करने में सशक्त हैं, उनका सवाल है, वो कोई गलत काम नहीं करते और उनके विषय में कोई भी आरोप, कोई भी प्रोसीडिंग, कोई भी सीबीआई, कोई भी सीबीडीटी, कोई भी ईडी नहीं होगी।

Therefore, this is the over-all picture and nexus which we want to expose before you. We want to tell you that this is become yet another colossal veil to cover corruption rather than be a corruption watch dog and policeman. I think it is most deplorable that such very high level statutory institutions have been brought to such a passé and entirely by this government which has absolutely no regard for law or convention or principle.

On a question that the application by the government on the Ram Mandir issue,       Dr Singhvi said- We have nothing to do with this matter which is yet to come up in court, the court will decide, application will be allowed, application will be dismissed, application will be modified, that is between the Supreme Court and the applicant. I want to say only two or three points and you will draw your own conclusion, the country will draw its own conclusion and this is all lost because people do not look at facts unless they are underlined. What is important is that this application is moved on 29th of January 2019, 16 years afterwards – in a matter of 2003 where the main writ of 2003 is pending. In that an Interlocutory Application (IA) is moved or an application is moved, it seeks in the prayer a modification of an order already passed by the Supreme Court 16 years ago on 31 March 2003.

That order says that while the main title dispute of Ayodhya is being decided or is subjudice or is yet to be decided, till such time as it is finally decided, a status-quo will be ordered and maintained on all land including land which is so-called undisputed and acquired by the Central Government  namely Central Government which has maintained status-quo. This status-quo has been continued for 16 years. Suddenly and I am certainly no soothsayer, you will know it better, whether it is because of election or some other reason, we do not know. 16 years later, they say please give me permission two months before elections to give that land to anybody and for that purpose please modify that order. So, I have given you the facts, you judge for yourself. Ultimate judge is the Supreme Court.

Dr. Singhvi said we do not have an opinion and we do not intend to have an opinion on an application by you to be decided by the Supreme Court, Why should I have an opinion? You have to ask this to the Central Government that moved it after 16 years and you have to wait for the Supreme Court to decide.

On the question of purpose for acquiring the land, Dr. Singhvi said which is why the purpose of this application should be equally clear to you.

Highest ever reduction in number of poor below the poverty line happened during the UPA- I and the UPA II and you know it, more than Mr. Javdekar, all of you know it. Now what he has done is, because one report has come now and I am not suggesting it that there is no poverty reduction after 2014, I am not like Mr. Modi or his government; I am not like them that I will say that there is no poverty reduction after 2014 to 2018. It is very good for the country that poverty reduction is a continuing process but to suggest that ये पावर्टी आपकी हमारी या ये हमने किया, गरीबी हटाओ तक पहुंच गए वो। मैं ये भी दावा कर रहा हूं उन्होंने एक फ्रेक्शन रुप से भी 2014 और 2019 के बीच में वो एक फ्रेंक्शन भी रिडक्शन नहीं किया है जो हमने 2004 और 2014 के बीच में किया है और मैं आपको चुनौती दे रहा हूं।

On a question about the MLAs of ruling Aam Aadmi Party – has said that there is delay in the appointment of Lokayukt, Dr. Singhvi said you have to ask them, how you are asking me? There is an Act, there is a Lokayukt, the Lokayukt is appointed in consultation with the state government, I do not see any reason why this is not being done. There is only one reason I can think of; something to hide. I do not see any particular logic in this but it is really something which you have to ask the AAP as to give you a logical reason for this. It is only a submission of a return and as the Lokayukt has said if Judges and other people are submitting to the Lokayukt then it is very difficult to believe that MLAs are refusing to do so enmasse, as if they are under some kind of a genera instruction or direction or diktat.

On the question of on-going alliance in Karnataka that Sidaramaiah has to give a statement, Dr. Singhvi said I think there are cases of individual strains and sometimes it may happen but there is absolutely nothing of the seriousness as it is made out in the Press. There are strains because some individual may say something but it is not an institutional response. what is much more serious in is Karnataka is the kind of absolute extinct perverse statements you are hearing from sitting Union Cabinet Ministers of the BJP from Karnataka. That is really what you will call perverse.


(Vineet Punia)


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