Statement Issued in AICC on BJP’s Manifesto

Statement Issued Dr Abhishek Singhvi, Spokesperson, AICC

BJP’s Manifesto for 2014 was ‘JUMLA-FESTO 1.0’& 2019Manifesto  is‘JUMLAFESTO 2.0’

 Salient Features of BJP Manifesto 2019


  1. No Mention of Demonetisation.
  2. No Mention of How to create Jobs.
  3. No Mention on Cost +50%




BJP Promise in 2014 Broken Promise BJP Promise in 2019 Un-implementable
Highest priority to Agricultural Growth Agriculture Growth under Modi Govt has been abysmal. Average Agriculture GDP Growth Rate under 5 years of Modi Govt is 2.9% Vs 4.2% under 10 years of UPA. No Promise on Agriculture Growth


BJP promised Doubling Farmer’s Incomes by 2022

It will take 28 years to double farmer’s income at this GDP Growth Rate. For Farmers’ Income to double by 2022, It will have to grow by 12% every year.
Cost +50% MSP for Farmers Cost+50% MSP=JUMLA


Shockingly Modi Govt filed an affidavit in Supreme Court on 20th February, 2015 stating that it is not possible to give 50% profit on MSP.


No Mention of Cost+50% Modi Government has forgotten its solemn promise of Cost+50%
Welfare measures of farmers above 60 years of age No step has been taken in this regard. Pension for Farmers Only repeated 2014 promise, because did nothing in past 5 years.
Implement Farm Insurance Scheme for Crop Loss Outcome is Looting Farmers, Benefitting Insurance Companies!


PM Modi’s much hyped, ‘Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana’ has only benefitted the private insurance companies as they have earned a profit of Rs 21,731 Cr in the past 4 seasons

Voluntary enrolment in Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana Admission by the party that the scheme has failed if being given the option to opt out is a manifesto promise







BJP Promise in 2014 Broken Promise BJP Promise in 2019 Un-implementable
Banking Reforms (i) 28 Economic Offenders like Nirav Modi, MehulChoksi, Vijay Mallya Looted Indian Banks of Rs 1 lakh Crore and Escaped India under PM Modi’s watch.


(ii) Half of the Public Sector Banks are under PCA Framework i.e no new loans can be given.


Expedite efforts to bring fugitive economic offenders

back to India and prosecute them for their crimes

There is a long list of economic offenders that the government has failed to extradite:

a. Vijay Mallya escaped two years ago

b. Nirav Modi fled on 1 January 2018

c. Jatin Mehta (Winsome Diamonds) fled the country for St. Kitts in 2016

Encourage Savings Household Savings are at 20 Year Low No word on encouraging Savings Admission that they have failed.
Reducing NPA’s NPAs of scheduled commercial banks (as per Reserve Bank of India’s data on domestic operations), increased from Rs. 2,51,054 crore, as on 31.3.2014 (UPA) to Rs. 10,36,187 crore, as on 31.3.2018 (Modi Govt).[1] But experts are of the view that will cross Rs 12 Lakh Crore by 31st March 2019
Creation of Jobs (i) 4.7 Crore Jobs Lost. (NSSO)

(ii) Unemployment 45 year low

(iii) 77% of Indian workers will have vulnerable employment by 2019. (ILO)

(iv) 3 Cr Jobs of Farm Labourers Lost. (NSSO)

Nothing on Employment Failure to create 2 Cr Jobs per year.


[1]LOK SABHA | QUESTION NO: 1028 | 8th Feb 2019

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