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Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP, Spokesperson, AICC addressed the media today at AICC Hdqrs.

Shri Singhvi said- Friends, Thank you for being here is second time in the day. This is really necessitated, because this Prime Minister speaks untruths and we have to call you again and again to expose his untruths. Alternatively, this prime Minister’s untruths are found out and contradicted every hour, on the hour and that is the other reason we have to trouble you and call you twice or thrice in a day.

Friends, let me make it clear, if there is a symbol of truth in this country, it has been Raja Harish Chandra. With the kind of lies, lies and lies, repeated day in and day out, by no less than a person, the Prime Minister, unfortunately, he and that post has become the symbol of falsehood and untruthfulness. It is a sad day for India, when that position and that seat becomes a symbol of falsehood. My comments are in the context of a written clarification and rebuttal by no less than 3 Vice-Admirals, Arun Prakash Pasricha, Madanjit Singh and Ramdas. They have recalled, they are unanimously of the same view, events of 32 years ago. What possibly a Prime Minister in 2019 May can think that 32 years ago events have relevance to today’s political campaign. I do not know, this country does not know, nobody can imagine or guess.

Yes, we understand Mr. Prime Minister that you have to drag us 32 years in the past about a naval vassal visit, because you have no answers on jobs, you have no answers on acute and grave agricultural distress. These are the issues on which congress stands, not the issues you manufacture and fake. You have no answers on MSMEs destruction. You have no answers on the decimating effect of demonetization, but, we will 24X7 remind you of these issues, even though you have no answers. We will 24X7 drag back the debate to where it should be not to events of 32 years ago, which, anywhere are falsely projected by you.

There is an old nursery rhyme, very famous, 1841 nursery rhyme. It starts with this line; liar, liar pants on fire. That nursery rhyme exposes people. who lie. Children are taught not to lie. Certainly, our Prime Minister should not be lying for whatever gain. The five points in Mr. Ramdas’s statement are one, that Mr. Modi has lied, he has stated falsehood. Two, that, that visit by Shri Rajiv Gandhi was an official visit to Trivandrum. Three, that official visit to Trivandrum was to take him, further, for a further official visit to Lakshadweep. Four, he boarded the Naval vassal along with his wife as every sitting Prime Minister is entitle to do. Six, there was no foreigner with him. Seven, these very people, who have issued a statement today, hosted official dinners for him on that visit. I ask you Mr. Prime Minister through the Press today, when will this stop, when will this distortion, falsehood, fake hood, stop? We know that you will not apologize although you should immediately, forget Shri Rahul Gandhi and forget the late lamented, dead Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi, but, at least apologize to this nation.

We know that your attempts to divert, digress and derail the real issues, which I have given you just now, MSMEs, Demonetization, Agricultural Distress, Rafale, Jobs. We know that you will try to derail them, but, a time has come, when you should stand exposed, your Government should stand expose.

Let me end by saying that we reserve all our legal rights in respect to this falsehood. Let me end by saying that we reserve our rights to go to the Election Commission also, but, the point remains, this Government, this Prime Minister, this set of people governing us have been shamefully exposed.


(Vineet Punia)


Communication Deptt.


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