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Delegation of 22 opposition parties met the Election Commission of India at Nirvachan Sadan, New Delhi, today. Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha) and Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP, Spokesperson AICC addressed the media outside the Nirvachan Sadan.

We have raised the same issues in the last 1-1/2 months in writing, in a delegation of the Congress, in delegations combined of the Congress, TDP and other parties. Now, we asked the EC why they have not responded. Well, strangely, although the EC has heard us for an hour, they are saying now, they assured that they will meet again tomorrow morning to consider primarily these two issues.

The second point we made was that even if you, the EC, disagrees with us, there is nothing to disagree, it is a very small, simple thing, which is a confidence building measure, but, if you disagrees with us also, if 75% of the electorate represented by these 22 parties has before you, how does it matter if you change the rules, which is not even a rule change, it is merely a change of a guidelines, the procedures that you count first. I think, this is if I may use that phrase with great respect, a no brainer and the EC has not decided it for 6 weeks, they are now saying that they will again meet tomorrow.

The second point is that if a glass of milk by a sample, a sample as they say is supposed to be a subset of the universe. If a subset of the universe is a sample is found poisoned as the Supreme Court says in 5 sample checks you find it discrepancy between the VVPAT and the EVM, then it is obvious that the universe, which that sample represent is vitiated. So, it is obvious that if a sample check, what is the purpose of sample check by the Supreme Court, the purpose of sample check is to see whether the whole universe is vitiated. If the sample finds it to be vitiated by discrepancies, why should it not count 100% of VVPAT? We are only asking for a counting of 100% of VVPATs and remember Rs. 9,000 crores were spent to ensure that 1 EVM has 1 corresponding VVPAT. This also happened over a 3 years campaign. Why should you have these VVPATs as decorative, ornamental pieces and not count them after finding a sample problem?


(Vineet Punia)


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