Dr. Abhishek Singhvi, MP and Spokesperson addressing media on Justice Loya

I told him everything related to dad’s death and have also asked him to set up an enquiry commission. I hereby state that if anything unnatural or whatever happens to anyone in my family, grand-father, grand-mother, my sister, my mom or me, Chief Justice Mohit Shah will be responsible for it. If anything happens to me or my family members, Chief Justice Mohit Shah Ishwar Wahate an RSS worker informed father i.e. father of Justice Loya and father of Anuradha Biyani that he would arrange for the body to reach Gategaon. Nobody knows why how and when he came to know about the death of my brother Brij Loya,  We were told that he had chest pain, taken to Dande Hospital a private hospital in Nagpur by auto rickshaw where some medication was provided He was a CBI Court Judge and he was supposed to  have security and he deserved to have been properly accompanied

Anuj of course; sad and scared but he maintained his pious and kept supporting his mother There were blood stains in the neck at the back of the sheet. She added spectacles were below the neck There was blood on his collar, his belt was twisted in the opposite direction and the pantclip is broken. Even my uncle feels that this is suspicious Father said there were blood stains on the clothes. Mandhane said there was blood on the neck, there was blood and the injury on his head, shirt had blood spots etc.

Sarita Mandhane said that Brij had passed away in Nagpur and asked us to rush to Nagpur but just as we were leaving the Hospital, this person (Ishwar Baheti) came there and said, I still do not know how he came to know that they were at Sarda hospital. He came to the house and said he will coordinate everything  Sriniwas Loya said that Anuj Loya is too young and likely under pressure. What should I say is he adult enough, he just crossed 18, there might be pressure on him. If his earlier view is to be considered, it was to have an enquiry. And enquiry must be there. If you ask me as a citizen not as a relative, my view as a citizen is the enquiry initiated in the Supreme Court has to proceed. This is my personal view as a citizen.

which is very-very specific requiring an enquiry in writing. It is not merely signed by him but written by him contemporaneously shortly after the death of his father in February 2015. It clearly specifically demands an enquiry. There is then a clear demand and a clear doubt and suspicion of a grave kind expressed by one sister of Judge Loya – name is – Anuradha Biyani. I have read to you extracts quotations where she had talked of blood, of suspicion, of strange events and quoted from a diary recording her suspicions contemporaneously not now. Thirdly, I have quoted to you the shorter and lesser suspicious but clearly suspicion expressed by the other sister of Judge Loya – name being Sarita Mandhane. She was also contemporaneously although not in such details as the other sister Anuradha Biyani had expressed grave doubts. Fourth, I have quoted two sentences by the father of Judge Loha, Har Kishan Ji – He has clearly endorsed the views of his daughter Anuradha Biyani. Fifth, I have read yesterday’s somewhat detailed comments by the paternal uncle of Judge Loya Shri Sriniwas. These comments were made after he had noted and was reacting to Anuj Loya’s press conference. He has clearly stated that he is a young man and must be under pressure. He has then said that I have read you the exact words – that as a citizen, as a member of the family, as an individual, they would be very much for an enquiry. These are five clear written recorded specific statements and as against you have a retraction of November 2017, two years later by Shri Anuj Loya and a press conference day before yesterday. You have to judge for yourself, you have to see the context, the text, the over-all picture and decide for yourself.

But the second question is more important – a matter of public interest and national interest with the greatest respect I submit before you – is not dependent for an enquiry or whether you ask for it or you deny it or you oppose it or you want it. Whether (a) wants it or the (b) opposes it, whether it is a family member or not,                    a matter which impinges on and what can be more impinging that the death of the Judge alleged to be in non-natural circumstance. If a matter impinges in this manner as a vital organ of Indian democracy, and therefore, on democracy itself, then the demand for an enquiry is a demand by responsible stakeholders and is not dependent on whether family member (a) wants it and family member (b) does not want it.

Lastly, all my comments today are based and have nothing whatsoever to do with the so-called Supreme Court imbroglio, nothing whatsoever. I think every citizen in this country and every political party is independently entitled to ask for a fair comprehensive enquiry in his death. Naturally the enquiry which is being sought will be under the auspices either the Supreme Court or the High Court proceedings are pending. Nobody suggesting that the enquiry will be ad-hoc by somebody on the street, nobody is suggesting that Congress Party will appoint a Commission of Enquiry. Therefore, this whole argument and there is a politicization is false, we are simply as a responsible stakeholder of Indian democracy, as a party, asking for enquiry and putting before you the absolute patent paradoxes and contradictions in the diverse statements.

On the question regarding BJP leader’s statement calling the recent Judges controversy as storm in teacup, Dr. Singhvi said I am glad that the eloquent silence is being broken by one sentence. I am very glad that somebody has spoken. I am glad that they have spoken only one line but they spoke because for the last 2-3 days we have received absolute silence and I have written and said that for those who have immense oratorical powers and are verbose to the extreme on the most trivial of things, they maintain great silence on this silence.

Secondly, whether there is a storm; whether the Supreme Court is a teacup and whether tea cup is solvent or not is to be decided by the Supreme Court. I do not think subjectivities or either storm or teacup are appropriate. What the Government should be speaking on are the content of the issues underlying and that they are avoiding, escaping and clearly trying to hide behind the wall of silence.

On the question raised by the BJP in a video that the Congress Party has stooped to a new low, Dr. Singhvi said I think I am not going to answer in that manner but let me answer in another manner. I think it is time that we started appreciating the virtues of humour in politics. I think it is time that we stop tilting at windmills. Whatever the view depicts is nothing but a sense of humour and a coining of words. Let me be very clear that the content cannot be said by any stretch of perverse or normal imagination to be vicious or in any sense meant to create a malafide intent. And I will leave it at that and say that certain sense of humour should not escape us and that is all that depicts.

On the reaction of the Congress Party on the reported meeting of the NSA with the BJP during election meeting, Dr. Singhvi said let me be very clear, I am not able to endorse or deny the authenticity of the report. So what I am saying is subject to the caveat that if what you are saying is correct. I am not saying that you are lying. You must be true. Let me say that if you are correct factually, then it is yet another example where established earlier examples of the last four years show that a chain from Nagpur through Government, through party, through officials are trying to interfere with the established procedure of governance and administration. There is a complete inter mingling from bureaucrat to officers, from Ministers to party, from party remote control in Nagpur to Government, from Government remote control to some element of the bureaucracy etc. It is one nice khichri for one purpose only to demolish the well established pillars of Indian administration and Indian bureaucracy and the Indian nation which is that the Government is separate, the Party in power is separate and the remote control certainly should not be existing at all, should be kept separately. This unfortunately is violated and is nothing but another element in the same chain.



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