Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP and Spokesperson, AICC addressed the media.

Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP and Spokesperson, AICC addressed the media.

On the statement of the Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley that both Shri Rahul Gandhi and Shri Hardik Patel are deceiving the people of Gujarat on the issue of reservation, Dr. Singhvi said it is funny situation; it is laughable, at the moment we are not in power.

So we cannot show any promise in terms of concrete situation. What has been done will be and will clarify by several quarters within the Constitutional framework and will be fully in conformity with constitutional principles but today we are out of power. But the funny part of this comment of the Hon’ble Finance Minister is that where his own party is in power e.g. in Rajasthan – every possible kind of excess is going on. There they have proved because there don’t have to promise, there they are the Government. They have proved that 50% be damned, 51% be damned, 55 % be damned, every kind of reservation is promised right, left and center. So, let us not talk double speak, let us not be hypocritical. Decption will happen after we come to power. If we do a wrong thing but we have said again and again that unlike the BJP we are law abiding and we will do within the constitutional ‘diara’.

On a question of the release of Hafeez Sayeed from house-arrest in Pakistan, Dr. Singhvi said I don’t see why you are surprised.

I am certainly not surprised.I would have been surprised if the consequence would have been the opposite of what you said. Pakistan has never and is never going to learn this lesson. Pakistan is in collusion, in active collusion and the principal conspirator cannot punish the co-conspirator. It can never happen. However, Pakistan does not have even medium term vision to realize that this will lead to the implosion of Pakistan itself. India must nevertheless be relentless in its pursuit of the programme to expose Pakistan in each of the 191 or 200 countries of United Nation with material, with evidence, with CDs, with documents, with dossiers to show that this is the utmost limit of hypocrisy by Pakistan which runs with the hare and tries to hunt with the hound.


On the question of the stand of the Congress Party on challenging the acquittal of Pinari Vijayan in the High Court through SLP vis-a-vis Shri Amit Shah says that CBI goes by the merits of the case, Dr. Singhvi said that the BJP functions….. decides on the colour of your hair, the colour of your jacket, the colour of handkerchief, the political colour of your complexion and that is their way of doing things. There is no ground for appeal for Shri Amit Shah in any case. There is every ground of appeal in every other CBI case. I think you have answered your question.


The whole country is aware of their double standards. I am saying that when you made the comment that this SLP lies, and that SLP does not lie, you have to give jolly good reason why no SLP lies against acquittal of your party President in much more heinous crime and appeals like only in cases of political opponents. You should understand the context of what I am saying. This is a clear political bias. I am not commenting on the merits at all. I am saying this is brazen political double standard and let me tell you that appeals filed in Pinari Vijayan may be few or one but non appeals not filed in case of Shri Amit Shah are many.

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