AICC Press Briefing By Abhishek Singhvi on Kathua & Unnao Cases. (English)

Unnao-Kathua, the Collective Conscience of the Nation has shaken, but Nothing seem to shake the Conscience of the PM, Shri Narendra Modi !

‘Belated Lip-Service’, ‘Damage Control Actions’ & ‘Downright Whataboutery’ indulged by the BJP cannot absolve it from its sins!

At the stroke of the midnight hour yesterday, when the world slept, India again awoke to life. At the massive protest march, after Congress President, Shri Rahul Gandhi’s clarion call, people gathered in solidarity and in outrage- for a single cause- To protect our Girls & Women.

Where are the tweets/reactions from the Women Leadership of the BJP, which in past have been vociferously hitting the keypads, using social media to take on the Congress-UPA Government, when it came to highlight violence against women?

 Where is Smt. Sushma Swaraj? Where is Smt. Smriti Irani? Where are other prominent women leaders of the BJP who were sloganeering on ‘बहुत हुआ नारी पर वार’ during the UPA? Now some of them are giving us homilies of not to politicize these things.

Post such heinous crimes, some of their past tweets can be retweeted once again:-

It is no exaggeration to state that in the past 4 years of Modi Government, Crime Against Women have increased to pathetic proportions. Glaring stats put the record straight:-

But more than statistics, the brazenness of the BJP has come out to the fore. Be it the Unnao Rape Case or the brutality to the 8 year old Asifa in Kathua or the recent rape of a 6 year old in Sasaram, Bihar – Every single crime has pointed fingers to active involvement of one single entity- The BJP.

The Jammu & Kashmir unit of the Congress party has been consistently raising the voice against the perpetrators and seeking justice for the victims. We have earlier, demanded sacking of the 2 BJP Ministers- Forest Minister Lal Singh and Industries Minister, Chander Prakash Ganga, who instigated the protests in Jammu in support of the rapists. Our National leadership, from this very podium has demanded justice not only for Asifa, but every victim-time and again- but a section of the media is trying to believe the BJP’s planted narrative.

Having said that, let us highlight the utter hypocrisy of the BJP leadership. The BJP leadership after having slept over the issue for months together  is now trying to clutch on the last  straws and shedding crocodile tears on Asifa and Unnao horror has much to answer for:-

  1. Is it not correct that the Unnao MLA, Kuldeep Sengar has been taken into custody by the CBI, following a scathing indictment by the Allahabad High Court? The High Court, angered by the inaction of the Ajay Bisht Govt. had questioned the UP BJP Govt. and said that ‘why was there no arrest’? To which UP Govt. gave a lame duck response by saying that it didn’t have any evidence ? If they didn’t have any evidence- why did they indulge in a charade of first ‘surrender’ then CBI enquiry, and then an arrest?
  2. The BJP leaders have only started opening their mouths, after the nation witnessed a spontaneous protest march led by Shri Rahul Gandhi yesterday, before that they were busy either raising the caste/community of the victims or threatening the families. Why?
  3. Is it not true that, 3 months ago, when the news of Asifa’s brutality surfaced, the BJP leadership sniffed an opportunity to further its divisive agenda and rushed its Ministers to the Kathua region in order to fan the anger against a particular community? Is it not true that none of the BJP J&K Minister is willing to come on camera and condemn the gruesome brutality of the Kathua rape case? What is the deputy CM of the state- who belongs to the BJP doing? Why doesn’t he speak a word, since 3 months? Why did the CM of Jammu and Kashmir not ensure better security in the court, so that the Crime Branch could file a swift charge sheet? Why did it abet the protesting lawyers of the Bar Association to stage a protest against the police and delay the filing of the charge sheet?
  4. Why is the Modi Government now talking about amending the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POSCO) now ? Why did they not amend it in past 4 years ? Or in this Parliament session, which was completely washed out?

It is high time, the PM speaks on the issue. UP CM should be sacked & the 2 BJP Ministers should be dismissed forthwith, in order to provide some justice to the victims.

To a question whether there should be any legal action, Dr. Singhvi said let me make it clear that today in the afternoon no less than the Hon’ble Supreme Court, not the Congress Party not any other party but the Hon’ble Supreme Court issued notice on a collective lawyers’ request and specifically observed in the order that District Bar Association in Kathua and the High Court Bar Association at Jammu must ensure that there is no obstruction, no delay, no ‘vyvadhan’ of any kind in the legal process in respect of such terrible and tragic criminal incident. They have used very strong language. Secondly, in case anybody is in doubt, we are not here to take names, we are not here to convict or acquit, we are not here to find you guilty or non-guilty, but anyone irrespective of connection, irrespective of any colour or affiliation, if they indulge in obstructing investigation or charge sheet filing in the killing of a person like Asifa, I do not think there is anybody in this country and I do not think the Congress Party is going to be standing in support of that person.

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